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only supported law dignity

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Next put to examine and approve 7 powers.According to the statistics, plus this time, the current government establishes, already 4 time per Lan son modification administration laws 63, abolish 3, for 3 times lift to invite the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress review modification law 22.The current government governs and express to the law biggest respect, pass lawmaking in advance or the emendation of law, carry out the purpose of reform, not only supported law dignity, raising in the future could foresee sex, more important, will make to reform measure to get social higher approbation degree.Chin Hua nike free 6.0 mensuniversity public bureau chief in the government graduate school in college of management is at Anne evaluation way.Further Jian Zheng puts power, this is the governmental ego revolution the morning of November 15, an in brief hand over to connect the rites examines and approves a bureau in the alongside the sea new area administration of handle affairs hall to hold.Huang Zhen Chun changes to return to one whole box of Company's seal that is full to be to be with collecting of red certificate.The time that moves out these Company's seals, a staff member of flank especially the idea reminded him a , are these Company's seals calm and steady, not move!More than 2 months ago, almost in the same position, premier Li Ke Qiang once picked up abandonning of a copper quality Company's seal, the Dian measured a regrets way:This chapter makes it much

Fructify!Don't know to tie up how much person.The premier knows that this is a fierce battle, ego the fierce battle of the revolution.Zhang Tie Jun says.He still starts to recall, oneself once ask a premier to seal to save that 109 Company's seals that have been already canceled in person at that time.BE sealed by you to save not.You sealed, will be responsible for, will load responsibility.I represent central government to be the witness person of this act history!Like this does Li Ke Qiang say.The reading takes to have the this administration examination and approval system reform to is fresh to print a vestige clearly, nike free 4.0 v3 running shoesresponsibility, is another round don't open of keyword.The in common usehave no letter don't sign of Li Ke Qiang emphasizes governmental administration of criticize is officer not is withcorpse plain meal originally.He says that the document since sends out, will catch up with basic all the way, let its air plant.He warns officials, say ugly words fore head, if the true detection puts power not good enough, want to check place and want to expose.Each Wei in, each policy measure in State Department carries out good enough have no?You respectively of have the responsibility been already implemented?Often work a meeting in this year's State Department up, Li Ke Qiang's attitude determinedly says,  is each, you want'have charge of district to have a responsibility'!State Department will never deliver a short seller document

.This is as well a Li Shi's principle.Zhang Tie Jun clearly remembers that close to fill up 109 boxes of Company's seals at him, and after adding to stick a , the premier again gives repeated advice to him, absolutely can not open again, can not even become to mutually make a new Company's seal.I promise to you!Signing toward you is military command-like in shape!Zhang Tie Jun right away makes to answer.On a certain meaning, State Department devotes major efforts for more than a yearses propulsive Jian Zheng put power reform, or the Yue administration examination and approval system reform, is also premier Li Ke Qiang for himself and signs nextmilitary command-like in shape for State Department.At present Chinese government net up, there are the special subject column eyes of a blue bottom incorrect character being called Jian Zheng puts power.Order to open special nike flyknit trainer+ salesubject, can also find out that to report for the witness of Li Ke Qiang saving 109 examining and approving a Company's seal of news.The column head in the whole special subject place, have been hanging such a big word:Further Jian Zheng puts power, this is the governmental ego revolution.-Li Ke Qiang.The A08-A10 versionses adopt and write|the wood of according to The Xinhua news agency give or get an electric shock recently, office in State Department prints hair concerning promote and circulate some opinions of the healthy development inside the Mao, deploy a steady growth and urge reform and adjust structure at present people-benefit rare of key period, speed development inside the Mao circulate, guide production, expand

service platform construction

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Is big to consume, absorb a Na employment, improvement people's livelihood, pull an economic growth further.Opinion from push forward a modern to circulate a way development, strengthen to circulate infrastructure construction and deepen to circulate realm reform innovation and the improvement camp company's environment is four definitely 13 policy measure.In the aspects of pushing forward a modern to circulate a way development, the norm helps the electronic commerce to develop.Expand network consumption realm, push forward a great data information of business realm service platform construction, promote on-line line the bottom blend to develop;Speed to develop a logistics to go together with to send, strengthen a logistics to standardize,nike free 6.0 womens information-based, profession turn, acculturate, systemize construction, pushes a city to go together with to send vehicle unified marking management, guarantee to deliver fresh vehicle conveniences, such as food, staple food product and drugs...etc. to go through, allow a sign up to standardly not- mobile express delivery vehicle to be engaged in community to go together with to send;Devote major efforts to develop catena management, norm development permit specially catena, guide development voluntarily catena.In the aspects of deepening to circulate realm reform innovation, circulate support the business enterprise do to greatly do strong.Form some have international competitiveness of large dealer, wholesale dealer and logistics service company, support commercial bank extension to annex reorganization company Mao business enterprise comprehensive teach to believe a limit, push forward to mix all

Make a development.(The diagram holds for November 15, 2014, 20 country groups leadering the ninth-time summit in Australia cloth Si class.The President Xi near even attendance meeting erupts a form to talk for pushing innovating developing carrying out uniting moving the importance of growth.The Xinhua news agency hair)new China net Peking give or get an electric shock to carry to report according to the new China nations customer of The Xinhua news agency on November 17, the in the mind reads to think northern latitudes 39.9of APEC is blue, the person has already flown to the southern latitudes 27.28s of Si class in the cloth.The sky here, equally blue.The this time was a near even Xi chairman to leave for Russian saint after last year Peter nike free tr fit womensfortress after, take part in this G20 grand occasionses for the second time, and, also and similar last year, although is popular to swarm about, we of President, also is specially valued by host, shape again tall and big in stature Gao Da Dun, go toward crowd inside a station, existence that is strong!Si class in the cloth, chairman Xi of is G20 time how to spend?We come and see together.Chairman Xi's G20 timetables, compare early a half of summit the Xi near even chairman's special airplane land a Si class in the cloth for hour, is already the evening of the 14th local time 9.50 or so, the words say gray sky of hot sun of Si in the cloth bright person, the sun on falling the mountain air temperature Ceng Ceng to descend, wait for particularly

If the reporter whom the machine arrives didn't add a coat, can get a jelly!(The Xinhua news agency reporter, Sun Hao, shoots)press the agenda that the host settles, the G20 summitses are formal beginnings at 10:00 A.M. the 15th local timeses.But chairman Xi's G20 timetables, exactly a half hour in advance.Originally, chairman Xi has an important activity arrangement to in advance start, that be the morning of the 15th 8:30 separately start to hold of gold brick the Beijing leadership Be informal to nike air max 2014 ukmeet with.This meets with, although it is said don't get hold of at the reporter the summit agenda list up, but early is the row in chairman Xi's G20 timetables.Say come also Qiao, exactly 4 month front, July 15, the Xi near even chairman, Brazil's president Luo fills a man, Russian president Putin, India premier Mo Di and South African president Zu horse, in the blessing tower Lai Sa in Brazil coastal city(the sky is also so blue!)Held to once a year and formally meet with.This reunion is in the cloth hotel in the Royal park in the Si class city center, 5 leaders hands to stretch out at the same time and tightly holds together.Come, see the ocean of their face overflow of smiling face!(The diagram is November 15, 2014, gold brick the Beijing leadership is informal the class meeting with Si in Australia cloth hold, Chinese President Xi is near even,

oneself in no case will

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The method has no authorization can not be;Want negative detailed list to on the other hand, business enterprise not ability what, the method didn't forbid all can be;In addition still need to take out responsibility detailed list, government how should take care of a market, legal responsibility has to be.Li Ke Qiang of this time publicly declare, be seen the important signal that continues to head for to deepen as the reform by many who comment on.In fact, the premier once used was a head cannon in several nike air presto onlinesituationssoldier before the horse explained that Jian Zheng puts power at the importance of whole reform.But he also particularly emphasizes at the same time:Change a working talent, 'put'and'take care of'is two wheels, only two wheels all did a circle, then the car can run.After being in great quantities reducing an administration examination and approval an item, he emphasizes that the government manages and is examined and approved by the before the event more turn into after the event in matter to take charge of, practice the breadth enters strict tube.This year's State Department often works a meeting up, Li Ke Qiang once heard 4 the third parties evaluated making collective report of organization speech.An among those valuations representative director said while speaking of reviewing and changing a work, it was a short knothole phenomenon and still kept widespreadly existing to take charge of, the circumstance of many sectionswilling criticize can't take care of of the degree that is different from the place existence, have ofthe confrontation batch was addicted to very much, to take charge of very a fan

Mang.Li Ke Qiang right away praises hisspeak very well.Jian Zheng puts power to not only want'put good enough', at the same time, take charge of'want to keep up with'.This not only pass add the existence of business enterprise, more relate to the whole follow-up with social to start a business strength.In 2013 interview Switzerland of Li Ke Qiang, once with Zurich thou the Er ascended the shell space lord in the farm talked over a food safety take charge of.That farm lord tells him, oneself in no case will do an insecure food, once checking is unqualified, the government will cancel to my agriculture subsidy, that I thoroughly Kua, why on earth?Compare under, our food manufacturer, including the entrepreneur of pollution environment, there is this nike free 5.0+ salepressure?Li Ke Qiang often works in State Department afterwards meeting up tell this story, he means on the spot, build up the excrescent of sound management records a degree, to seriously illegal the business enterprise establishmentblacklist system, wanting next move will violate the rules the business enterprise kick a market, practical attain breadth enter strict tube.At another often work will up, he is again outstanding to emphasize the principle of put a tube to combine.He says that Shanghai was investigate, delineating the boundary of government and market from the trying of Mao area, looked for Jian Zheng to put power and had last year

The effect takes charge of to combine together of can make duplicate mode.Is concomitant with this kind of way of thinking, is is a series of and have explicit reform and intent of concretely raise Cuo.On June 4, 2014, set in State Department concerning help fair competition in the market to support some opinions of normal order in the market, explicit 27 concrete reform measure, and promulgated social reputation system construction programming outline.On July 23, State Department often works a meeting nike free 3.0 v4 cheapreview to pass a business enterprise information Mr. to show temporary regulation(drafted plan).National professor's bamboo in the college of administration signed analysis to say, this of review to change next annoy to change many sectionsadminister on behalf of by reviewings very strongly of habit to change direction more orders in the markets that depend on building up a transparent trustworthiness are to the norm business enterprise.Is very obvious, this of'mow meat'reform, is have strategy layout premise under'mow meat', there is step hasing rhythm to contain composition.Administration scholar Sung a life time gave clearly evaluation like this.In many scholars eyes, another great characteristics in the current government push administration examination and approval system reform process is putting power by law.In July, 2014, State Department announced decision concerning modification parts of administration lawses in State Department and totally modified 21 administration lawses, canceling an administration examination and approval the item is 22,

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